The Rollmops is very useful for the paving company as he is able to perform the same amount of work as 3 of you best workers. He is not only very small and light but also very powerful en manoeuvrable. He is able to shift, without any problems, the weight of 500 kg. His transport capacity is about 180 m2 of paver’s blocks per hour.

This Rollmops has a well thought ergonomics and is very easy to operate. This machine is thanks to her numerous attachments, multifunctional. Due to all different kind of clamp feet’s every kind of pavers block can be transported and thanks to different clamp arms the width of the clamp has a range between 60 and 180 cm to transport even large packets. For transportation of your paving materials, sand gravel and other and for the placement of your borders, drains and grass tiles, you will find the Rollmops an ideal partner.

The Rollmops 2 x 4 is produced in 2 different types. The original 2 x 4 and the longer version.
The normal 2 x 4, with high agility and speed, and the longer version with his higher lifting capacity.